May 24, 2016 8:01 am

My grandmother had no trash

BIWA, the first zero waste loft in Brittany, was inspired by several influences among others the activity of my grandmother.

She was holding a grocery store in an incredible place in front of the sea, at the end of the world, North of Brittany. We used to say that “in Masson grocery, you can find anything!”. And if you were looking for something that was not available, my grandmother, Marie-Perrine, managed to find it for you.

So we lacked nothing in my grandmother and yet something intrigued me a few years ago. How did she manage to run her busines without any trash?

She lived in her time, was not cut off from the news, but yet she did not have trash.

This caught my attention and piqued my curiosity: how then was she doing?

And is it possible to live within the XXI century without having trash bin at home ?

It is to answer this key question that our family is engaged in a zero waste approach life. And this is just the beginning of an extraordinary adventure !