August 25, 2019 8:08 am

Jersey goes Zero Waste

Jersey, the largest Channel island, is primarily famous for offshore finance services and generous cows providing awesome milk and cream. Soon Jersey will also be famous for zero waste offering! On an Island like Jersey, waste management is a huge concern as costs keep growing year after year like on any Island around the globe. Indeed, waste on an Island can cost ten times more to handle than on the continent. And during the Summer season the situation becomes catastrophic as population is literally exploding with tourists from all over the place, adding to the phenomenon.

And the issue is that it is very challenging to find goods in bulk. Trust me I have visited numerous shops in the various villages. The vast majority of manufactured goods are packed and sometime double or triple packed causing a lot of useless garbage.

But there is hope at the end of the Tunnel!

Downtown Saint-Hélier the main city, there’s a very interesting shop beautifully furnished. This shop is called Mini MALL which stands for minimalism, small shop, zero waste lifestyle.

In addition to be beautiful this modern shop allows you to go shopping with your own bags and boxes to live a true zero waste shopping experience. You can also have a lunch with healthy food mainly organic and vegan. And on top of that, owners are very friendly and ready to help you turn to a zero waste lifestyle.

We have loved the concept, we can only recommend you to change your opinion about Jersey and go and shop at Mini MALL this is truly possible to change your impact, right now!