September 5, 2018 8:24 am

“Happy like a Danish” in Brittany

I knew that BIWA, our zero waste loft in Brittany, had something to do with the Nordics countries. I got the firm confirmation when I discovered by chance in our famous independant book store in Brest named Dialogues, two little books dedicated to a fine art called « Hygge ». Visit Denmark. In French, you should pronounce it like: « HOU-GA ». According to Collins dictionary, « it is a concept, originating in Denmark, of creating cosy and convivial atmospheres that promote wellbeing”. I also like to say that it is the art of sublimating the little enjoyable moments in your life.

Let me give you three examples taken from BIWA loft which are perfect « hygge » cases:


71% of the Danish people consider that hygge can be practiced at Home. How to make sure your house is hygge ? Bring Danish style design to your home inspired by minimalism and harmony.

To enjoy hygge moments at Home, you can sit close to the fireplace or your can watch rain sitting next to a window in a cosy chair.

Christmas is the perfect hygge time.


Danish people are convinced that Sauna is a room as important as any other room in a house. At BIWA, it could not be possible to build the loft without a Sauna. Also because it is essential to take care of bodies.


In Denmark, like during winter in Brittany, day light ca be very limited. That is why candles are used everywhere.

At BIWA, we sublimate our garden designed by Hugo Campion from, with candles in the dark. And we love that!


In the Happiness world ranking, Denmark is ranked 1st and France 62 ! So come to BIWA to bring more “hygge” moments into your life and be more happy.